Maureen Zwier featured on Glenview Television's "Real People, Real Matters"

[Press Release] Glenview, Illinois - What's it like to become a full-time artist after working in another field? How does that past career experience inform how your art is made today? And what is a mandala? Maureen Zwier of Zwier Digital Arts covered these topics and more when she was interviewed for Glenview Television's "Real People, Real Matters" show in July.

In the video below, Maureen describes the making of a mandala, tells stories about her first commissioned work and her development as an artist, and highlights some of her experiences showing and selling her work at the Art at the Glen Town Center Art Festival. 

Maureen Zwier's work as a digital artist has been featured at art fairs throughout the Chicago and Milwaukee metropolitan areas as well as in both brick-and-mortar and online art galleries nationwide. She also received a Best of Houzz award in 2015 for outstanding customer service on the popular interior designer web site. Maureen showed her work at Amdur Productions' Art at the Glen art festival for the second time this year, and plans to apply for a place at the show again in 2017.

The focus of Maureen Zwier's art is the creation of mandalas based on photographs of original, organic subjects. The word mandala is a Sanskrit term meaning essence. It may also be translated as completion or circle. A mandala is typically created with concentric patterns and diagrams used to draw the eye inward.

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